It's so nice to see you here!

I thought that I will make the CTF task(capture the flag) for this time's LAN easier and doable for everyone. Let it be said that it is possible to leave your feedback in GoogleDocs after the last task - the most interesting solutions will be rewarded with Zone freebies.

There are 5 tasks and they are all connected ... let's just say that to a vulnerability of a web server or web application. Or with it's functionality. Or have a backdoor... The Force (bruteforce, dirbuster etc) does ot have to be used, everything can be solved using common sense. Just as a hint I can say that I have tried to figure out similar tasks ... for hours.... before I realized I was overthinking everything :-)

If you need any help - send me an e-mail to

That's me, yes :)

Are you ready to start?

Great! Please visit this page from three countries that ARE NOT Estonia.

  • United States, Ashburn

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